March 3, 2017

Wall Framing

Timber wall framing is an attractive alternative to double brick construction. A timber frame home typically is cheaper and quicker to build than a comparable brick home.

Most importantly timber wall framing provides many more opportunities to enhance thermal efficiency. That’s because there are a lot of room and different ways to incorporate insulation within the structure of the walls. Even through the use of advanced external cladding materials. Timber frame homes also have much less thermal mass. Which means you can heat and cool a building much faster and consume far less energy in the process.

With the introduction of energy efficiency regulations all new construction must achieve a 6 star energy rating. In order to comply with the regulations you may need to compromise on some of your personal preferences. For example, options such as building orientation, colour selection and functional design may need to be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency. Therefore, the more ways you can find to enhance efficiency, the more options you will have to keep the design aspects that are important to you.

What about termites? In days gone by this may have been a valid concern. However, nowadays pretreated timber is used exclusively for new construction. You can choose timber construction with confidence, knowing that you are choosing an environmentally responsible material that will stand the test of time.

Timber Wall Framing by Vander Construction