August 22, 2019

Owner Builder Support

Why Owner Build?

Owner building can be a cost saving and emotionally safe way of building your own home. Why is this? You save money as opposed to using a builder with their mark ups and fees. How many times have you heard of a home owner complaining of a builder charging ‘variation fees???’

You also have complete control over your build. You, as the owner and primary contractor, do not have the risk of a builder using inferior products or poor quality trades on your home or investment in order to boost their profits.

With our service, we provide quotes for our work and for the projects managing we can provide for any other trades you wish for us to look after on your behalf. We have a very transparent and professional way of operating and we refer everything to you for any decision making or cost savings we can find.

How Vander Construction can help

At Vander Construction we are experienced in helping owner-builders construct their homes or investments. We can do just the carpentry/timber framing services or we can project manage the entire lock up process. Rick has helped owners with their design and concept sketches, he has used his selection of working partners to arrange architectural working drawings, structural engineering, energy efficiency, BAL (bushfire attack level) reports, all the way to issuing a certificate of design compliance (CDC).

We have also liaised with local shires and the Department of Commerce (the Building Commission of WA) for relevant documents required to process the building applications. From this we have built homes from stump or slab complete to lock-up with our Timber Framing, Second Fix Carpentry, Roof Plumbing, Wall Cladding, Insulating and Window Glazing services.

Vander Construction also utilize our trade connections to help with Plumbing, Electrical and Tiling and Cabinetry services. We can provide full written quotes for all our work or we can operate on a ‘cost plus’ basis.